Every Morning


Every morning I wake up, prepare my coffee, and grab a bottle international French vanilla creamer to add to it. Little did I know that there is a strong chance that that creamer was probably made just minutes up the road in Mt. Crawford Virginia at WhiteWave Foods. As we toured their facility I told myself that I was never going to look at my creamer the same again. Ok so I know what you are thinking well you live close to the facility so it would make sense that you would use their products. Well here is the question. As you travel the country and world how many times have you stayed in a hotel or walked into a convenience store and seen the little individual packets of coffee creamer? I never really took notice of this until after our visit to WhiteWave. Since then, I have noticed their products in almost every corner of Virginia, and other states that I have recently traveled to.


Now granted, there are other WhiteWave facilities producing the same products strategically placed throughout the country but if you regionalize it, look at the amount of people that are affected by one facility located here in Virginia. This I believe is the most impressive part about WhiteWave. WhiteWave is able to take agricultural products grown and produced in Virginia turn them into a desired product that the majority of Americans sheepishly grab and use every day.
So the next time you walk into a convenience store for a cup of coffee, as you get ready to pour your creamer in from the little international creamer containers, think you might be supporting Virginia jobs, Virginia economy, Virginia agriculture, but most importantly Virginia Family Farms.

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