A New Kind of Food Company


I would like to thank Christopher Tate and the staff of WhiteWave Foods in Mt. Crawford VA for a behind the scenes tour of their facility. What makes WhiteWave so successful is their continual commitment to their consumers through a verity of practices. One of such practice that helps them with consumer popularity is that they are one the leading edge of consumer trends. Not only are they on the leading edge they lead the way. WhiteWave has always sold branded plant-based foods and beverages, coffee creamers and beverages, along with premium dairy products in North America and Europe. However, with pioneering their Horizon Organic, Silk and Alpro brands they have made healthy alternative foods mainstream. Consumers of today are demanding a choice in their food products. WhiteWave has seen this and has made their innovative products no longer the exception.

The other and most important practice WhiteWave does to increase consumer confidence is what is called “Producing Food Responsibly.” WhiteWave takes great pride in the environment, community, and employees in which they serve. As you walk around the WhiteWave facility you will notice the “Producing Food Responsibly” slogan plastered all over the place. Their goal is to instill this logic in everyone from the lowest employee to upper management. Their goal to encourage all their employees to take a self-motorizing mentality. They hope that if each employee has a vested interest in making sure the entire facility is practicing responsibility the end product will meet the highest standards of the consumer. WhiteWave is also “Producing Food Responsibly” by their environmental, plant based foods that for example reduce the amount of water needed to produce versus dairy products. They continue these practice to also helping Organic agriculture thrive by supporting a community of over 600 organic family dairy farms in the U.S. The level of responsibility for producing food and environmental sustainability can be found in every level of WhiteWave. They continue these ideals into their packaging and shipping. They have redesigned their bottling to reduce loss of space in boxes. They look to shipping by water ways to reduce greenhouse gasses.

WhiteWave is an innovative company that is looking to the future to meet the needs of their consumers while “Producing Food Responsibly” for consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and the future of family farming.

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