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Farmers know why

Farmers know why they do what they do. The VALOR Fellows recently reviewed a TED TALK featuring Simon Sinek titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

This video puts forth the notion that Great Leaders inspire action by having a belief and putting forth that belief.  The examples given are from business where companies such as Apple who enjoy success not because of what they sell but what they believe and from individuals who inspire with what they believe such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.    Were they successful because of the products they sold (Apple) or the message they delivered (Dr. King), or was it because they put forth the products and the message that they believed in?  According to Mr. Sinek’s research it’s not about the “what” but about the “why”.  I tend to agree.

Whether or not you agree with the principles outlined in the TED TALK or not, I hope you agree that Farmers know why they do what they do.  They feed the world, plain and simple, farmers provide food and raiment for everyone.

The agriculture industry faces many challenges as we move into the future with an ever growing population, severe weather conditions and fewer farmers producing goods on less land among many others.  These challenges can and will be met by agriculturists with a purpose.

It is time that we communicate not only the “what “ we do but the “why” we do it.  It is because of the “why” that I believe that the agricultural industry will meet every challenge and continue to provide a safe and abundant food supply into the future.


It is all about the why.

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