“An Enterprise of Opportunity”

On our final day of session III, Jeff Slaven and his family took time out of their Sunday to share the details of the many operations that have sprung out of opportunities presented to them.  I would hardly say that luck would have anything to do with the success of this family farming operation that has reached its 6th generation.

Mr. Slaven shared with us how he has developed from the roots of his 400 brood cow herd into consigning cattle from around the valley, and shipping into Canada, and across the US.  After seeing a need in the market for purchasing cattle from local cattleman that would ordinarily bring less at market, he is able to add value to them by placing them into a feeding / healthcare program creating a higher valued product.  Mr Slaven’s success was noted, drawing attention from outside operators seeking out his products and expertise.

As another enterprise leaped out of circumstances, he founded Cattleman’s Supply Company after a series of events “fell into place” as he would put it.  He markets fence building supplies, cattle handling facilities, and other products catering to those in his same field.  Quality and service are the selling points of his operation.

Mr. Slaven imparted these words of wisdom on the VALOR fellows.  Being well diversified is key, but with diversification can have added management difficulties but then the various operations are complimentary to one another contributes to success.  Truly advise that was well recieved, thanks again to the Slaven family.

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