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One of the most valuable aspects of VALOR thus far has been access to individuals and organizations making things happen in the industry.  VALOR Advisory Council Member and President of Amadas Industries, Incorporated, Dr. Stanley A. Brantley, Jr., treated us to tours of the Amadas fabrication shop, assembly facility and Amadas Coach during our November seminar.  Dr. Brantley has corporate responsibility for strategic planning and oversight of both national and international product engineering, research and development, manufacturing, product support, marketing and sales for Amadas, which is an industry leader in harvest technology.ry=400

As we toured the facilities, Dr. Brantley shared insight on Amadas’ competitive position.  Amadas Industries excels at producing a large number of specialty products in low volumes as opposed to producing a few products in large volumes.  The company has remained competitive by focusing on innovation, customer service, technological and service capabilities and a loyal and stable team.  Additionally, diversification has been an important strategy of the Amadas Group.   Their portfolio includes agricultural machinery, luxury coaches, sod production, landscaping and a golf club, and their business reaches around the globe.  Our thanks to Dr. Brantley and the team at Amadas for the tour of their facilities and the insights they shared.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t also thank the Brantley family for the wonderful meal and evening of fellowship at their home at the end of the day.

Seminar II Reflection:

The goal of the VALOR program isn’t simply increased knowledge of the industry, but also to apply what is learned.  We left the seminar with a number of fine examples of how businesses – some quite small, and some very large – innovate, diversify, and compete.  The challenge for the VALOR fellows is to take what we’ve seen and to use it to refine our approach to our careers and lives, for the benefit of our industry.  On a personal level, participation in VALOR is a step towards diversification and innovation.  Are you up for the opportunity?  We’re only nearing our third seminar of twelve, but I would encourage you to plan now to apply for Class II.  Come learn about agriculture, innovation, technology and more from some of Virginia’s most successful individuals and organizations, and learn a great deal about yourself in the process!

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