A “look” at Day Two of Seminar II

Friday, November 16, 2012

please click on any of the photos below to view the gallery of images taken on Friday

Agenda for the Day:

Royal Fumigation in Suffolk, VA with Jorge Morrero, Site Manager of Royal Fumigation and Charles Green, Marketing Director, VDACS

Purdue Agribusiness Deep Water Port in Chesapeake, VA with Gerry Underwood, Head Merchant, Perdue Farms and Paul Caruso, Grain Grading and Inspection, VDACS

EQ Workshop and Presentation by Melissa Lubin, Director, VT Richmond Center and Stacy Harvey, Outreach Program Manager, VT Hampton Roads Center

Dinner at Lakeland High School in Suffolk, VA Hosted by Ron Daughtrey, Agricultural Education Instructor, Lakeland High School

Thank you so very much to everyone who graciously shared their time and expertise with us in the Tidewater and Eastern Shore area.  We are so grateful for you all because it is the people and the stories that make the seminar so meaningful! 

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