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Who would have thought…

The Fellows second day was full of interesting and exciting things. Our guide Henry providing all manner of information about Argentine farming in the Buenos Aires Province. After a fantastic lunch provided by the Calderon family in Pergamino we visited their equipment facility. Nestled among various pieces of equipment was this circa 1964 Chevy Impala… Continue reading Who would have thought…

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“White Nose Syndrome” …. What?

White Nose Syndrome sounds like a really bad title for a documentary about cocaine addiction. I can however tell you that it has nothing to do with drugs. Sadly it is a disease which is spreading across the eastern United States and is devastating our bat population. The following is from the National Wildlife Health… Continue reading “White Nose Syndrome” …. What?

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A Candle Problem

What we face in Agriculture might be described as “A Candle Problem”, a seemingly simple conundrum posed to many folks to analyze their problem-solving abilities. However, it may not be that simple a problem. An interesting take on problem solving is presented in the video by Mr. Dan Pink. Think about problem solving as it… Continue reading A Candle Problem

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It’s all about the Soil & Water

This iconic photo from the Dust Bowl era has long represented the struggles of Americans during the Depression/Dust Bowl in America during the 1930’s. The following video shows some stark images resulting from the intense use of the land to meet the demand for food. Hopefully we have learned the lessons of the Thirties and… Continue reading It’s all about the Soil & Water