So this must be the place.

Our trip to our nation’s capital in March was inspiring in more ways than one. From meeting with agricultural leaders at USDA, visiting the DC Central Kitchen to see the amazing work they are doing, to seeing Little Wild Things Farm that is thriving in the city, and stopping by American Farm Bureau, we explored many of the more urban aspects of agriculture.

While all of this was an amazing eye opening experience, one thing that has really stuck out to me while I have been trying to plan out what I would like to say in this blog comes from an unlikely place, a sign in a barbecue restaurant. It read, “There ain’t no place like this place anywhere near this place, so this must be the place.”

Oddly, these words have stuck in my head for weeks and the more I think about it, the more I realize that you must put yourself in the place you need to be. As I sit here ready to leave on our next VALOR trip to Kentucky on what might be the best hay making week this spring, I have already received four phone calls from people who want me to bale hay while I will be out of town. People that know me well know how passionate I am about my customers and how torn I am to be leaving this week.

But, this must be the place. This is where you decide whether you will bale hay this week or have a chance to change the world. For anyone who might read this, I urge you to make the choice to have an impact. Take a chance on yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Becoming a part of a program like VALOR, just might change your life.

I hate to cut this short, but I will leave you with a quote from a Netflix series I recently watched entitled Anne with an E.

“A morning can start off like any other, but by nightfall… things have occurred that could change a course forever.”

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