Building The World in Which You Want To Be A Part Of ~Paul B.

My fellows from VALOR Cohort VI have done an excellent job of capturing the day-by-day events of our most recent trip to our Nation’s Capitol – Washington D.C. For this blog entry, I seek to do something different than rehash the itinerary so aptly captured in previous post.

Pulling from a vast array of experiences, we were exposed to Ag leaders from throughout the country in both public and private sectors. A common feeling seemed to emerge from a vast range of emotions and feelings from this most recent trip with contributing themes such as; service, mission, and perseverance. These themes when assessed as a whole create a common thread which may be ascribed as ‘Building the World in Which You Want To Be A Part of’.

It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and throw stones at an apparent challenged system. Fixing something that is broken requires thought, commitment, and perseverance. Individuals with whom we met with at the USDA, Corps of Engineers, DC Kitchen, Dreaming out Loud are all working to address systemic issues within their spheres of influence in effort to create the world in which they want to live.

For my part I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with people of such diverse backgrounds and experiences. Hearing from them about their personal history, their journey to where they are today, and how they envision the future was a personal highlight from our DC seminar.

1 thought on “Building The World in Which You Want To Be A Part Of ~Paul B.”

  1. What a good perspective! The passion of all the speakers we met with was certainly apparent!

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