Happiness Comes From Within

Do you ever notice how many people are unhappy? I was raised to believe happiness comes from within, not from a life partner, not from a job, etc. When I was in Peru, I saw happy people. Our hosts opened their homes, businesses and shared their visions. We saw some of  most diverse agricultural enterprises and long-standing industries still competing today. (Yes, I’m referring to the Pre Incan-Salt Mines!) Everyone was truly happy to see VALOR visit.

I could see how the people in Peru genuinely loved and cared about people around them. At the hotel breakfast room, I watched how other groups interacted with each other. There were several tables already eating and when one person from their group entered the room, they walked to each table of people they knew and told each of them good morning before taking a seat and getting their breakfast. Same thing when one of them finished their meal; they walked to each table and told them goodbye.

The interaction was in stark contrast to the travelers at the Newark, NJ airport. I witnessed people talk down to airport staff and be proud of their actions. An unpeaceful end to a long trip.  The experience got me thinking… Why can’t society, you know, be nice?

“Peace begins with a smile.”

— Mother Teresa

I think many people are not at peace. People need to find what makes them happy and let go of the rest. In one of our VALOR books, Radical Candor, the author talks about being a good leader. For her, it was running, that she needed to go on that run every morning to “destress” and she knew she was better in the office for it.

We each need to find our thing so we can show up to our own lives. Give ourselves permission to live life to the fullest and move forward. Sometimes that means letting go of the things that no longer bring you peace.  Be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table. Value yourself and the people around you enough to be at peace and be happy. No matter what is going on around you, it’s up to you to be your best, no one can do it for you. Use that energy to create, love, and manifest. Because I do not want to be “that person” at the Newark, NJ airport and I don’t want to be around that negativity either.   

Smile at a stranger | Hug the people you love | Reach out to someone you haven’t connected with in a while | Do things that bring you peace

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1 thought on “Happiness Comes From Within”

  1. love this post – a simple, yet profoundly important reminder. I had a high school teacher who had one “rule” posted on the classroom wall for decades of students. “Be Nice.” One rule that was the basis for all else. Thank you for this post!

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