Communication is the key

Communication appears to be such a simple concept, yet I feel it is something we all find ourselves struggling with from time to time. Our past seminar was focused on communication in a variety of forms. As I reflect on this seminar I wanted to share my thoughts on why we struggle to communicate effectively.
Communication is not as simple as stating a thought, belief, opinion or fact. There is so much more that comes into play such as tone, body language, intent of the person initiating the communication, the person receiving the communications past experiences, and so much more. I find it difficult to keep this in mind when a communication breakdown occurs and often become frustrated.
At some point in our lives we have all had those conversations we dread or just simply avoid. Often times though these are the crucial conversations that need to occur to help others or to be able to grow ourselves. In our seminar I learned not to avoid these conversations but to take the time to think through how to communicate through tough issues and realize there may not always be the outcome that we desire. However, if we don’t have these conversations, we will continue to spin our wheels and not progress personally or professionally.
As leaders the best thing we can do is become excellent listeners and take the time to thoughtfully communicate and have those crucial conversations. Communicating this way is still not without issue especially if the individuals are very passionate about the subject, however being able to take a step back, detach ourselves from the situation and listen is the key to make us better leaders and voices for agriculture.

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