S. Jewell Morton is a servant leader, connector and change agent who focuses on the long-term growth of sustaining marginalized communities and organizations.  She is a founder member of the Minority and Veteran Farmers of the Piedmont. Sarah received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Virginia State University, Masters of Science in Career and Technical Education from Virginia Tech and post-graduate endorsement in administration and supervision from University of Virginia and finishing her Doctorate of Philosophy from Virginia Tech.  Sarah’s professional career reflects the following career paths: K-12 Educator, Administrator, Director,  Chief Financial Officer for National Non-Profit, USDA, Agricultural Sales, Health Administration and Higher Education Educator.

As a third generational beef cattle farmer of Central, VA, Sarah is passionate about agricultural sustainability, food security, land preservation, and local food access. Her professional interest is to combat poverty through skill development, strengthen workforce development and agricultural partnerships, that create opportunities for all youth, farmers and marginalized communities to achieve and sustain community wealth .

Professional Philosophy:  Education is knowledge, knowledge is power, without an education one remains powerless


Sarah is a passionate innovative pioneer and trailblazer with expertise in transforming concepts into high impact results. She utilizes keen analysis, insight and team approach to drive organizational change and improvement while implementing best practices expansion, and integration in formal and non-formal learning environments. She optimizes and advances experiential program content around transformational  leadership,  best practices in education, agriculture preservation, non-profit management, and grassroots organizational sectors. Dr. Morton uses conceptualized sector strategies to establish a framework to develop growth plans, program integration and strategies for building economies of scale and sustainability. 

She creates a charismatic inclusive workplace culture to ensure participants, investors, and staff are included in best practice development. Sarah is an innovative visionary dynamic results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in quick-turn around, high-paced organizations.

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