Namaste Here

Lavender is a popular scent, but many may not realize that like other plants, it is farmed in order to meet our demand for teas, candles, etc.  On VALOR Class IV’s national trip we visited White Hills Farm in Dearing Georgia, where such lavender is produced.  The farm is owned and operated by Amy Sutter and her husband Patrick.  The couple had hoped to move to the area for a while, then years later a friend decided to sell her farm and contacted the Sutters.  Since 2017, Amy and Patrick have emerged themselves into the local food movement.

Amy answers questions about White Hills and the various herbs grown there

As we took a walking tour of the property we learned some interesting facts about lavender.  It is that it is a Mediterranean plant which takes two years to grow.  Three varieties of lavender provide different uses, such as English for culinary uses and Spanish for oil infusions.  Along with lavender, Amy grows other herbs to be used in products she makes and sells at local farmers markets and the Gift Shoppe on site.  Additionally, White Hills hosts workshops (such as cooking with herbs) and events (yoga retreats).

After the walking tour we were very excited to check out the Gift Shoppe.  This quaint barn was so cozy with tea and herb infusions to sample as we moseyed around.  Whether you wanted to get cleaned, calmed, or fed there was an item for everyone.  Amy showed us a couple of herb infusions (which were delicious!) before we treated ourselves to seasonings, lotions, scrubs and more!

Amy showed us that infusions as easy as they are tasty!


Overall, White Hills Farms was a great visit which had Kari saying “Nah..(I)ma-stay here” when we had to hit the road.





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