Session V: Communicating Our Industry

Yes, “Our” industry (agriculture) does include everyone on the planet because we need food products for nourishment.  However, there are people who ensure that the many agriculture systems thrive and meet the demands for food products.  This is where a potential learning space exists: 1) Are we “communicating” in the correct grammar and pronunciation sense? 2) Are we “communicating” for marketing and advertising purposes? 3) Are we “communicating” for more funding leverage? or 4) Are we “communicating” in the one-team, one-message sense regardless of your involvement in the industry (producer, investor, consumer, compliance, etc.)?

Agriculture can simply be defined as growing food.  I see it as a system–planting, nurturing, harvesting, manufacturing, selling, consuming.  In each of these domains there is a system.  For example, when planting you first have to enrich the soil, therefore, some type of input system is necessary.  Secondly, nurturing: some type of fertilizer system is necessary…I’m sure you get the point.

That leads me back to what I’m observing as the often overlooked asset in our industry: people.  The main question for me during this session is simply: How do you effectively communicate to people?

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