Endless Summer Harvest

At our last VALOR seminar in the Northern VA/ Washington D.C. area, we had a great time visiting different farms and agricultural venues in an urban setting. I particularly enjoyed visiting with Mary Ann from Endless Summer Harvest and enjoying fresh salad from their facility. I really enjoyed sharing this visit with my students as they are making a living using some of the principles we discuss in class. Additionally, I enjoyed visiting and touring the University of District of Columbia and seeing their beautiful facility producing food on roof top gardens and  their advanced aquaponic systems.

My favorite part of all of these tours is meeting the faces behind the operation. I am always inspired and encouraged by the passion that each of these folks put forth in producing food and advocating for Agriculture! In a situation where it could be discouraging to see houses where farms used to be and discussions about food deserts and getting food to where it is needed most, these folks truly are making a difference in providing safe, quality, wholesome food in their communities!

Thank you all for your passion, energy and enthusiasm for advocating for urban agriculture!!


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