Hello, Fellow!


The third time’s a charm! I’m a VALOR Class III Fellow! I’m also the third (and favorite) child born of my darling parents. It’s a real possibility that I’m not actually the favorite child, but my parents are so awesome that they just let me believe it anyways. That’s real love, y’all.

My Dirt Road

Speaking of those awesome parents, mine both grew up in agriculture. My dad was raised on a working dairy farm and my mother grew up raising chickens and tending the garden out of necessity, not necessarily pleasure. After leaving home for college, my parents got married, started careers and a family. I was born in the metropolis of Louisville, Kentucky and lived in neighborhoods until I was about 9 years old. Then my parents had The Talk. The talk that would shape my future and create the path which I now tread. They made the decision to return to the country and raise their three kids on a farm. The rules were simple; mom insisted on no dairy cows; dad insisted there would be no pigs. Angus cattle eventually won out and our family set out to create a herd full of the best Angus genetics we could manage. But no one quit their day jobs. Dad continued working in the banking industry, mom continued in various rolls, not the least of which was “mom,” and the kids managed to remain cool and stay in school, sports, 4-H, youth group, and engage in the usual sibling warfare. It was awesome.

Forward March

Fast forward to 2015, we undertook a huge farm expansion project with a goal to double our herd size and create a new venture incorporating our rich family history in the Virginia cattle industry. My family acquired the farm where my maternal grandmother grew up in Bland County, Virginia and off we went. It’s awesome, fun, and pretty scary. And yes, we all still have our day jobs. I am an oil and gas attorney and part owner/operator of the family farm. Point Pleasant Angus is based on faith, family, and the love of Angus cattle, in that order.



So this VALOR opportunity came along, and while I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it will mean to me professionally, it’s clearly the opportunity of a lifetime. There are a lot of unknowns in my life right now as I will be marrying the love of my life in a few short weeks (#squeal!), navigating a career change (#yikes), relocating (#boxesandboxes), and partnering with 12 other trailblazers in the agriculture industry to be the best VALOR Fellows yet! Sorry, Class I and II Fellows – the shade throwing is real. #wehaveamascot #andcheese #andwine

So here’s to the VALOR Class III Fellows! #thethirdtimeisacharm


1 thought on “Hello, Fellow!”

  1. Possibly the best. post. ever. (You had me at #hashtag.) Signed, and unapologetic & proud Class II alum. 🙂

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