After leaving the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, Hoi An was our next stop. When we first exited the plane, we saw the famous “China Beach.”2016-01-11 17.01.32.jpgWhile we didn’t have much time to enjoy the sand, it is a place  where we left a mental “bookmark” to make a return visit to vacation.

The sand that comprises China Beach is also apart of the soil that the vegetable farmers in the area work with. The have managed to use organic material such as seaweed to make the land more fertile and raise beautiful organic vegetables.

2016-01-12 08.36.43.jpgUnfortunately, the farmers don’t have the land allotment or the machinery to scale their operations. Consequently, many of the farmers seem to be just a notch above subsistence farming, in spite of the wonderful produce that they grow. It is further evidence that regardless of the economic system, farmers need scale in order to generate enough profit to comfortably provide for their families.

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