The eve of International travel – VALOR Class II travels to Vietnam

Ah…….the joy of international travel.

Right about now, the VALOR Class II Fellows are

  • wrapping up work on the farm
  • finishing blogs from their U.S. Regional trip to Florida
  • packing and weighing their luggage
  • spending time with loved ones
  • gathering their earplugs and favorite sleep aids for a 15 hour flight
  • and praying they don’t get stuck with “the middle seat” on the flight

Plenty of last minute items to cross off that list. How can people that are so busy, manage to leave the country for 2 weeks???

It’s worth it.

Where else do you have the opportunity to learn about your favorite industry in a global setting? Nowhere else but the premier adult agricultural leadership program in the Commonwealth – VALOR.

There are many memorable experiences during the 2 year journey of VALOR, but perhaps no trip will have the lasting effect like the international trip. I’m excited for Class II to embark on this experience, as they will no doubt remember it for a lifetime.  It’s hard to draw comparisons to the impact of seeing agriculture at the international level.  Your view of the industry and the world will be different upon your return.  Prepare to be shocked when hearing/seeing some of the obstacles facing the industry in a different country…..you might have a deeper appreciation of agriculture in the United States upon returning home.  We look forward to living vicariously through your blog posts, pictures, and stories upon your return.

In addition to VALOR program objectives of advocacy, influence, leadership, and personal development, a key objective is to develop a deeper understanding of global agriculture. Your time is now.

I leave you with a quote from VALOR Advisory Council Member, Dr. Stan Brantley:

“Agriculture today, more than ever, is both local and global. The VALOR program will expose Virginia’s agricultural leaders to agriculture around the state and around the world.”

May his spirit and passion for international agriculture be with you on this journey.

2 thoughts on “The eve of International travel – VALOR Class II travels to Vietnam”

  1. Ken, Thanks for your post and well wishes! We look forward to sharing with you and other VALOR grads (among all of our followers) through the blog and upon our return!

  2. Ah! Ken, its so great to hear from you. Enjoyed this post and your international send off could not have been more fitting.

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