Wet Blueprints

Have you ever think you had it all figured out, only to realize you really didn’t know what was going on all around you?  The moment you think your plan is coming together, you realize that the world didn’t get the memo that this was your day.  As we travel around, meet with people of all walks of life and different types of operations, one theme is consistent, expect the unexpected.  

No other industry can be as rewarding as production agriculture, in my opinion.  Being stewards of God’s maginificent creation has it’s own special rewards.  It also has it’s on special challenges that will definately make your career choice.  Nature, money, and PEOPLE (side note guarantee – NOTHING IS CRAZIER THAN PEOPLE) all have a way of creeping in and tarnishing a perfectly laid plan.  Youthful naivety will let you believe that you do have the world by the reigns, but humble pie is a sour tasting desert.  

People (the crazy and normal ones) like to move much like cattle – in a herd.  To be a herd quitter takes courage, and actual use of your brain.  As we move closer to the 2006 satiracle sci-fi movie Idiocracy, being a herd quitter makes you stand out even more – a target.  If you know more about a Kardashian than who participated in the civil war (it was not the British) then you probably are very comfortable with your herd.  

The good thing about domesticated herds are that they are rather predictable.  Undomesticated herds, not so much.  Herding cape buffalo would probably be a deadly idea.  The definiation of chaos could probably be charactarized by the ol’ sayin’ – it’s like herding cats.  

Now back to your plan – you go this figured out.  Things are good.  You have kicked back, enjoying a cold one and a tightly rolled cigar.  Then our of nowhere, these forces you didn’t even know existed are messing with your plan without cosulting you.  You are always hearing about “those people over there” who got their plan messed up, but they were not as smart as you and your plan.  

It’s definitely a guy thing, but nothing is funnier than when “it” happens to the other guy (you guys know that pain I’m talking about).  As a footbally player, nothing is funner than the hit on the unsuspecting guy whose head wasn’t on the swivel.  You decleat him into next week.  You hit him so hard his momma felt it.  Well, outside forces are always waiting.  You never know where it’s coming from, but it’s pretty much a guarantee something is going to mess up your plan.  If you are too far outside the herd, you can rest assure they are sending the dogs out to round you up back into the herd.  

Every once in a while, those outside forces are those you trust.  Always scheming.  You really have watch those who try to act innocent.  These people often show up with a smile on their face, asking innocent, participatory questions.  Usually these pint-sized schemers aren’t alone though.  Usually they are with others – a herd.  

So the lesson from this random post is to keep your head up, on a swivel, or your plans might just get wet.  If you are sitting on the edge, you might just get knocked off.  

#loveforJosh for being a good sport; as for the pint sized instigator #wellplayed 

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