Big Business, Little Fish

We had the pleasure of visiting Omega Proteins in the Northern Neck. The intricacy of the operation, and the specificity of the machinery was a sight to behold. What was just as important was the impact that one business can have on a community. From pilots, to fishermen and engineer, in one way or another the community is connected to Omega Proteins. We met entire families that for generations have worked for the company. Over the years the company has grown from a small operation, to a large, international company. Yet, despite the enormous size and scope of the business, what drives the company is simple; Manhaden, an oily fish.

Omega Proteins has developed sophisticated techniques for extracting Omega 3s, and important help input, from the fish and using it in a wide variety of items, including health supplements. Despite all the technical innovation, they are still dependent on the earth to provide the raw product that powers their business. It is an important reminder that so much of our success is still dependent on our stewardship of the Earth.

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