A Little Bit of Mud

“A little bit of dirt/mud never hurt anybody.”  I’m pretty sure that’s a saying. I’m also pretty sure a little bit of mud never did anybody any good either.  This time of year mud seems to be inescapable when you have a job outside.  The height of your boots becomes important, as does making sure your shoes are tied on tight.  Nobody likes sinking that new sock you just got for Christmas into the yuck around the feed trough. It’s one of those things you see coming but can’t reverse.

Gerald Garber meets with the VALOR fellows in one of his comfy animal housing facilities.


Gerald Garber, one of the owners of Cave View Dairy, hates mud and he has done something about it.  All the streams are fenced on his farm, all of the roof water is contained, and animals are kept mostly inside to minimize mud.

Cows at Cave View Dairy have access to everything they need in this barn.


His efforts are:
1.) Because he can’t stand to see mud
2.) For improved animal health and
3.) Because he is a conservationist like many farmers.


The War Against Mud has not gone unrecognized at Cave View Dairy.  Governor McAuliffe visited the Garber’s farm in the summer of 2014 to unveil the Resource Management Plan, a voluntary program that promotes conservation practices.

When the VALOR fellows visited in January (middle of mud season), there was no mud to be seen.  Looks like all the fencing and buildings have paid off!


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