A Safari at the Falls

WOW !!! The Falls at Point Iguazu are so spectacular, I wish that everyone could have an opportunity to enjoy them as we have.

Our day began before 8 am as we boarded the bus and headed out for our adventure for today. Off to the falls located near Point Igauzu in what can be termed a Sub-Tropical Rain Forest. Lush growth is everywhere and it’s already HOT.

During the day we viewed these spectacular falls from every direction and saw lots of wildlife including lizards, alligators, lemurs, several different species of birds including a Toucan and some monkeys too. A safari indeed. Some rain forest and lots of wild animals makes for an exciting day.

Topping off our adventure for the day was a boat ride under the falls. I mean under the falls. We were soaked and it felt great, a nice way to cool off at the end of an exciting day.

There are not a lot of opportunities to see agriculture in this part of Argentina but they do grow a lot of Yerba Mate here in Misiones Province and “Mate” seems to be the favorite drink of the folks here.

Our adventure today was very exciting and not unlike a safari, just without weapons. I suppose it is appropriate, after all we do have a….

Hunter and a Fisher in the group.

Stay Tuned.

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