Diversity… Some Thoughts

Today was another travel day for the VALOR Fellows. El Calafate to Iguazu, as the crow flies about 1,950 miles and from mid 30’s this morning to the 80’s in Iguazu right now. We left the Patagonian Steppe which receives just over a foot of rain per year to who knows how much it rains here in the north of Argentina. Our excursion began in Buenos Aires more than a week ago and we were as far west as Mendoza about 650 miles to the west, again a huge difference… Fr the urban area of B. A. to Mendoza where some very fine wines are produced.

We have cross-crossed this country and have experienced its diverse people, it’s diverse agriculture and it’s diverse challenges.

The VALOR Felloship is also a diverse group with varied experiences and strengths. We are better as individuals and as a group having visited here and gaining this diverse experience. It is now incumbent upon us to utilize our collective talents to begin to address the myriad of challenges to our industry.

No matter the country or the culture we must always remember, variety ( diversity ) is the spice of life


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