Humbling Hospitality

I am overwhelmed. It’s that simple. In a very good way, of course, but overwhelmed none-the-less. For three years, I have conceptualized what an international trip with VALOR would be like. For over 18 months, we have known Argentina would be the destination.

We are here. Now. In the moment. Absorbing and reflecting and anticipating and enjoying; everything about this place is new, yet oddly familiar. Is it being treated like long, lost visiting family that is the reason, or perhaps a shared passion for hard work as we collectively toil to grow products of the earth for the enjoyment and betterment of others even though we are hemispheres apart all other days of the year?

I share with you an excerpt from an email I sent a member of our advisory council tonight after returning from dinner with his colleagues:

“I can only imagine that tomorrow will exceed our expectations after the preview tonight. The food and hospitality were amazing, of course, as part of this glorious culture, but the fellowship that is pervasive among those in agriculture is truly amazing. I am not sure we could have asked for a more heartfelt welcome, but have found that a common bond of agricultural production is akin to family ties.”

We are only on day 3 of 13. Much more than a journey of global agricultural comparison, this study seminar is life shaping and will forever be the inaugural benchmark of this program.

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