Day 2 – Pergamino – Buenos Aires Province

After breakfast this morning, our journey continued as we departed downtown Buenos Aires (BA) and headed east to the countryside. We traveled to the city of Pergamino, which is 200 kilometers (120 miles) from downtown BA. Pergamino is in the province of BA. The picture below offers a point of reference.


As we entered the countryside, it was evident we were in the heart of fertile farmland. The BA province is blessed with a flat terrain and deep fertile soil. The area is filled with rivers and springs that meander through the countryside and feed the Rio De La Plata, which ultimately flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The area looks a lot like the Midwest, as fields reached as far as my eyes could see.

Our visit today was to “El Desafino”, a row crop and beef cattle operation that is owned and operated by Alejandro Calderon. They own 282 hectares of farm land and rent another 800 hectares (that’s 705 acres and another 2,000 acres, respectively). Their crops include: corn, soybeans, wheat, peas, and pasture/hay ground. They also raise registered Angus bulls and Red Angus bulls for sale. They utilize crop rotation and no till farming practices, which help maintain quality and soil health (very similar to farms in Virginia).  El Desafino has been utilizing no till for the past 25 years.


Thank you to the Calderon family for being such gracious hosts as you talked about your farming operation, and also for providing a fantastic meal! Stay tuned for more blogs to come!


1 thought on “Day 2 – Pergamino – Buenos Aires Province”

  1. Thanks for posting Ken. Your description of Pergamino makes it easy to envision such a far away place.

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