How ’bout dem apples?

In the northern locales of Virginia, the rich history and bright future of fruit production come together outside of Winchester at the Alson Smith AREC.  For many years apple orchards have been a fixture of the landscape.  A more recent addition to the scenery has been the long rows of grape trellises that marks the growth of the wine industry in the state.  Strategically located, support and research for both of these endeavors is carried out at the Alson H Smith Jr. AREC.
The Valor fellows were treated to an overview of the Center’s work by Dr. Tony Wolf on the first day of their fifth meeting.  Since its inception in 1921, the study of issues important to fruit production has been the mission of the center.  From spraying practices to control the pests of the day then, to investigating cultural practices in the space below the grape trellis today, the center and its work is part of the reason for the continued success of the industry in Virginia today.

Thanks to Dr. Wolf for taking time out of his schedule to share the successes of the research center with the Valor fellows on a Saturday afternoon between torrential downpours.

A last minute panic production of BeanCrusher.  Facebook, Twitter, in person…follow me wherever.  Or not.

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