America’s Promise Visit

The VALOR inaugural class had the opportunity to tour America’s Promise Alliance and meet with the executive vice president, Melinda Hudson, during our Northern Virginia/ Washington D.C. Seminar. America’s Promise Alliance was founded in 1997 by Gen. Colin L. Powell. It is the nation’s largest partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth. The Alliance brings together more than 350 national organizations representing nonprofits, businesses, communities, educators, and policymakers.
The Mission of America’s Promise is to forge a strong and effective partnership alliance committed to seeing that children experience the fundamental resources they need to succeed identified as the “Five Promises:” Caring adults, Safe Places, A Healthy Start, Effective Education, and the Opportunities to Help Others. This organization urges all Americans to fulfill these Promises.
Melinda was very passionate about America’s Promise and gave a very informative presentation on the Alliance. She also provided the VALOR class the unique opportunity to see “the wall” showcasing their time-line and accomplishments over the years.
If you are interested in learning more about America’s Promise Alliance please check out the website. http://www.americaspromise.org

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