Creative Problem Solving, Environment and Sustainability

Smithfield Foods, Inc.: Producing good food in a responsible way


VALOR had the great opportunity to visit a Virginia landmark and tradition during its time in the Southeastern part of the Commonwealth, Smithfield Foods, Inc.  Most of us grew up with the name literally on the tips of our tongues. I know I did and it left with me with a smile on my face. Smithfield Foods, Inc. has been curing hams and providing quality products for more than two centuries.

While visiting as part of our Seminar II, we were welcomed with tours of the new Innovation Space and Packing Plants. Both were exceptional. We also had the pleasure of visiting with Mr. Stewart Leeth, Assistant Vice President of Environmental and Corporate Affairs and Senior Regulatory Counsel for Smithfield Foods, Inc.  Mr. Leeth discussed his role in the company as legal counsel and the part he plays in the company’s sustainability commitment.

A true leader in the industry, Smithfield Foods, Inc. takes on sustainability with dedication. They don’t worry about definitions or waiting for it to be defined by others— they just do it. Their sustainability strategy aligns with their core values and has been organized by five pillars: animal care, employees, environment, food safety and quality, and helping communities. They focus on these pillars daily in each level of the company.

Mr. Leeth also discussed the importance of using every outlet to get your message across. If our industry doesn’t, not only will we not keep up, we will be run over.

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