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Introduction Post

Wow, who would have thought introducing yourself could be so difficult. I guess, I will start with the basics. My name is Teresa Lindberg. I grew up on a small family farm in West Virginia and was active in 4-H and in the National FFA organization. These organizations provided me with the foundation to begin what I call my “agricultural adventures”.

I went to West Virginia University and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Education. Immediately following graduation, I was hired by Greensville County Public School to teach Agricultural Education in the middle school.

Greensville County,Virginia is a rural county. Agriculture is the primary industry. The agricultural commodities produced are soybeans, winter wheat, cotton, peanuts, tobacco, and some livestock.

My “Greensville County agricultural adventure” began that fall with my first cotton field. Being from the mountains, the first glimpse of a cotton field when the bolls are opening to become a field of white, was to say the least, breathtakingly beautiful “snow” without the cold weather. Then, the smell of peanuts after they were dug and then harvested were both experiences I never had.

My agricultural adventures are growing and now I am embracing a new exciting adventure through Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results program.

What is VALOR? Why is it so important?

2 thoughts on “Introduction Post”

  1. As a fellow co-worker of Mrs. Lindberg, we here at E. W. Wyatt Middle School are truly proud of her and everything that she accomplishes. She is truly a joy to work with everyday. I’ve joked with her before about us having our on celebratie because every time I turn around she is in the paper being recongnized yet again for another accomplishment.

  2. This is awesome! So great to hear from Teresa’s colleagues at E. W. Wyatt. Thanks for supporting her as she goes through the program!

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